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We offer a complete & profesional catalog of production services for commercials, movies, short-films and more.
  • Casting
  • Scouting
  • Art
  • Project management
  • Equipment rental

“A great success in all projects with a professional & safe environment”.

[ Jalisco ]

An audiovisual destination

We are located in Guadalajara, Jalisco, the second largest city in Mexico

We are located in a privileged geographical zone that is near the American and Canadian market with just a three hour flight from Los Angeles, one hour flight from Mexico City and with an international airport with a direct flight to Europe.

  1. Friendly environment for production by the state and municipal governments
  2. Ease of filming in public spaces
  3. No union is required for filming commercials, short films and video clips.
  4. Jalisco is 24% cheaper than CDMX* according to monthly studies. Which is reflected in production costs.

We have everything, for everyone

Cities, Beaches, Deserts, Forests, Magic Towns

Jalisco has spectacular, iconic and free locations. These locations range from the most traditional Mexican to the modern world class. For each of our productions we have photographers, assistant directors, gaffers, electricians, staff and more.

Because Jalisco is Mexico:

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